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The Riddler Changes Name to The Gotham Fiddler

Fiddle Or Riddle?

Fiddle or Riddle?

Riddler, riddle us this.  Why would you need a new name?  Apparently, he needs a new crime spree persona for a new year.  The Gotham based super villain is in transition, and he promises a whole new image.  He’s in the process of changing his nickname. Gone is Riddler – get ready to hear about the criminally charged exploits of The Gotham Fidder.

Fiddle Me This!

He’s the fabled one who Fiddles With Riddles.  Why are Batman and all of a collective Gotham City so shocked?  Riddler operates as a criminal mastermind who’s played the whole of the city like a fiddle for years.  Because he now seeks to cloak himself in a new name – like a new identity, why should it be a surprise?

Laugh Trek prepared for a raucous night of rhyme and crime time.  We had to see just why a colorful super villain ditches his brand name after so many decades of established infamy.

We caught up with one of the artist formerly known as the Riddler’s henchman.  

Henchman or minion?  Got a preference? 

“Honestly, I was more like an executive assistant – or even sidekick.  Hey, I just realized something important and vital to my self esteem. Why can superheroes like Batman have sidekicks like Robin?  Tonto to Lone Ranger.  Bucky to Captain America.  Can’t you call me a sidekick?”

Fiddle Or Riddle?
Riddle or Fiddle?

Don’t get carried away and too lost in the part.  Anyway, yeah, I guess a super villain can have a sidekick.  OK, sidekick, why do we have to call your boss, the Fiddler now?

“Truthfully, I don’t have much of a clue myself.  I know he loves to gently mind fuck all those around him.  Me including. Ever been mindfucked – it ain’t as fun as it sounds.”

Stay on point.  Fiddler from Riddler – why?

“Look one day we were just hanging around in our Riddler cave–”

Serious.  Riddler cave?  OK….

“Yup, anyway, he kept going on and on about The Joker and Catwoman and Penguin having cool names.  Iconic and memorable. A woman who’s a cat, a guy waddles as a penguin, a Joker springing from a playing card deck.  But he felt Riddler was kinda dumb.  Kinda weak sounding, whereas a Fiddler is like Fiddler On The Roof – it’s musical, it’s real.  It’s lasting.  Put Gotham in front of it and BOOM – you baptized yourself into something pretty unique.”