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Pink Floyd Changes Band Name To ‘Think Floyd’

Think Pink

Think Pink

Pink Floyd fans, get ready for something epic.  It could even be called a little blow your mind back to the stone age news.  The veteran band wants its fanbase to be aware of an enormous change. The legendary British rockers are changing the iconic band name to Think Floyd.

Think Pink Or Sink?

Rockers aren’t the most well grounded or reliable bunch.  They’re well known for being more than mercurial. They love to tease their adoring fans with bizarre behavior.  Or, perhaps, they’re just plain bizarre naturally. Whatever the case, the fact remains that a name change at this juncture strikes us all as weird.

Laugh Trek cranked up Dark Side Of The Moon, and we caught up with a few choice Pink Floyd band reps to simply settle the score.

 What’s the score?  Why is this happening?  Hell, what’s exactly happening anyway?

“Our veteran rocker blokes decided it was time for a name change.  It is really that straightforward and simple. This is the real deal – not for shit and giggles.  If you want to get into the meat and bones of it, by renaming our group Think Floyd, people will do what?  Think of Pink Floyd. Nope.  It’s not merely for shits and giggles. It does have a bit of a purpose.“

Think Pink
Think Pink

Great.  What about t-shirts and other merch?  I guess the old stuff is gonna be mucho dinero valuable.  Ebay drowns in the stuff.

“Sure.  Why the hell not.  And the new stuff emblazoned with Think Floyd will be just as collectible.  People may have to be reminded to think about something, and we’re helping them along in that fashion.”

My buddies are going to have to change their Pink Floyd tattoo.  Laser, stat!  That’s gonna cost a few pricey sheckles to make right.  It’s gotta hurt in the long run – in more ways than one!”