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Frozen Walt Disney Wakes Up As Brain Eating Zombie

Walking Dead Walt

Walking Dead Walt

Frozen Walt Disney?  No, friend, not so fast with the franchise fusion confusion!  Not THAT Frozen.  We’re not referencing a fairy tale musical featuring two adorable dueling sisters.  We’re talking pure ice Popsicle Uncle Walt. Yep, all of that and the creepy allure of zombies too.

Despite denials from the House of Mouse insisting their mentoring maestro wasn’t cryogenically preserved, word goes to the contrary. In fact, now it’s even more rumored, not only was Uncle Walt frozen after death, but he was later reanimated.

Can we wake up now?  This sounds like a kind of twisted, nightmare freaky tale version of Sleeping Beauty.  Where’s our handsome prince to make things right?

Sadly, fairy tales seldom come true.  Science fiction appears a far more fitting genre for this.  Yet even going that route, this scenario plays less like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and much more like HP Lovecraft’s nightmarish Re-Animator.  

Unfortunately, the process left Walt, shall we say, a bit hungry for a little food for thought – or is that thoughts for food?  Yep, folks, it appears Walt Disney was turned, and needed brain food – literally. He became one of the brain drain club.  Walt’s now one of the merry munching Walking Dead.

‘Walking Dead’ Walt

Laugh Trek knows all too well the Walt Disney urban legend using cryonics to preserve him.  To say it’s a muddled, messy mess is an understatement of woeful proportions.  But whatever the version, it’s all predicated on putting Disney’s grand mouse man on ice.

Walking Dead Walt
Walking Dead Walt

Many of the lurid tales say his whole body was frozen.  In other more macabre versions, cryogenics preserves only his head.  However, the most outlandish alternative universe rises above all weirdness.  Apologies to George Romero’s living dead.

Disney’s been accused of brainwashing society, but the eating of brains?

Of course, who could imagine the legendary animator and pop culture visionary succumbing to the dread sci-fi condition – morphed into a brain munching zombie.  Undead Walt must be yet another nightmare.  Simply more urban myth – right?


We got somewhat reliable information from a trusted, anonymous source.  Here’s an unvarnished version from our ultra, top secretive tabloid supplying 411.

“Walt always operated high tech.  He insisted his company do business on the frontiers of science – a cutting edge of advanced technology.  From the start, he built his empire, which would eventually swallow up most of pop culture, on a scientific capable foundation.  After he passed, preserving him proved a challenge to the Disney imagineers.

“A zombie?  Did frozen Walt Disney actually become a zombie?  If you think a reanimated corpse lunging at people trying to bite them a zombie, then yes, that’s what supposedly happened.  Did he actually eat anybody?  Who knows for sure.  We know Disney eats everybody’s lunch these days, right?  So it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. “