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Star Wars spins off new TV show ‘Star Boars’

Star Boars - Pigs In Space

Star Boars - Pigs In Space

Star Wars finds itself engaged in animal husbandry.  A galaxy far, far away now intrigues us in the barnyard.  For over 40 years, Luke Skywalker and his friends have become our friends.  The George Lucas created sci-fi franchise birthed dark overlords, adorable droids, psychopathic Emperors, noble Jedi and even an grossly obese gangster.  Now, get ready to encounter a few space ace pigs. Star Boars chronicles the adventures of a particular porcine kind.

‘Pigs In Space’ Redux

Laugh Trek hitchhiked – Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy firmly in hand – to rendezvous for the pig out interview.

Let’s get this out of the way.  Any fan of The Muppets remembers Pigs In Space.  Are we getting a bit nostalgic or even a tad reductive in this new project?

“Sure, we all remember Pigs In Space.  Such holly jolly fun.  We grew up with MIss Piggy and her porky crew finding space ace adventure.  But let’s put our picked feet firmly on the table.  Any loyal fan of The Muppets – or just piggy fans – knows that there’s a real difference between pigs and boars.”

Just the rhyme alone delivers the whole theme slam bang – correct?

“Wars and Boars and Pudgy Pigs – oh my!  Every bit of silly marketing helps us in the end.  But just know that Star Boars is going to challenge every notion of what science fiction and what Star Wars can and will be.”

Star Boars - Pigs In Space
Star Boars, Sorta like ‘Pigs In Space’ Feel The Porkside of the Force!

Feel the force of The Force, no doubt.  So, what about your cast – who can we expect to see in this star spawned porker party?

“Pork Skywallower, young warrior destined for greatness, Obese-Wan Kenobi, his super chubby mentor, Porka, Skywallower’s wise and gentle battle trainer, Princess Larda – a Miss Piggy inspired character if there ever was one.”

What about the great icons we know so well, come on don’t hold out on us.

“We can’t end off without mentioning one last character.  And of course, it is the ever enigmatic Darth Boar. This guy is master of the Farce.  He seductively tempts young Pork Skywallower over to the Porkside of the Farce.  Star Wars can preoccupy itself with hyperspace battles in space.  Star Boars focuses on boars engaged in wars. It’s a quite elegant sci-fi equation.”