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Discovery Renewed For Season 30 – Star Trek Goes For Broke

Discovery 30 Seasons

30 More Years?

Discovery warping along for 3 more decades?  Spock might say, ‘Freakin Fascinating’. That’s the surprising ‘good’ news coming from CBS All Access which streams the sci-fi prequel show..  Star Trek fans will now be able to watch the sci-fi streaming show as their finishing up their 30 year home mortgages.

Discovering Discovery – A 30 Year Enterprise

Laugh Trek hopped a Federation transport and warped on over to a Trek press conference and talked with a few exhausted reps.

You guys are going non-stop, you look as exhausted as a Klingon avoiding a Tribble orgy.  You collectively need to recharge your dilithium crystals – or drink a few cases of Red Bull.

“Yeah.  Live long and prosper and all that bullshit!  We need a long, long stay at Risa. Got any comp time?”

We can swing something.  Sure. OK. So, 30 years?  All we can say is – What The Fuck?

“We said it too!  What The Fuck!? Right!?  But yeah, 30 more seasons!  Get ready to see some real change.  You’ll see our cast age and age before your very eyes!  Botox? Plastic surgery? Digital de-aging? We’ll need something!”

Discovery 30 Seasons
30 More Years?

It’s a good point.  Many may have passed away before the end of that 30 year run.

“Sure.  But we can also bring em back through digital reconstruction.  Holodeck anyone!? Yeah baby! Bring on the high tech assists – anything to distract viewers from the story lines!”

Right.  What about ‘jumping the shark’ or in Trek’s case – jumping the warp core?

“Oh story quality and what not?  Nah. We’re not worried about that – we never were or are.  It makes life a whole lot easier!”

Riiiiight.  OK. Well thanks for that update.  We’ll be watching Discovery, and watching and watching and watching……  Talk about a time loop!

“That’s the way we want it.  Star Trek: Discovery will keep on warping along whether you like it or not.  We may spin-off more shows – as we prepare to just constantly milk Trek for all its worth.  We know the fans want anything with Star Trek emblazoned on it, and we’ll go through a dozen starships, a dozen casts and a dozen or more show runners till we’re done.  Live Long and Just Keep On Watching!”