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Ted Bundy says, ‘WTH Netflix?’

Ted Bundy

Serial Killer

Ted Bundy speaks out candidly from the great beyond.  However, the charismatic serial killer isn’t conveying a supernatural message.  And you won’t need a Psychic Friend Network nor seance to communicate with him.  Apparently, he’s got a bone to pick with Netflix.  The video streaming powerhouse has been riding high with its documentary series – Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.  It’s so popular, the trendy buzz drowns out any complaints on the show’s somewhat questionable moral compass.

Ted sees it just a little differently.  

Now, the notorious American serial killer offers pointed criticism on the whole notion of publicizing his murderous exploits.  Bundy isn’t mincing up people anymore, nor his weighty words on the complex subject, ‘WTH Netflix?  What gives?  Is this really the kind of thing you want to offer your subscribers?  I’m the guy who perpetrated these grisly crimes.  You even have me cringing at all the publicity my infamous legacy gets from your company.”

Terror Tapes – The Terrible Ticket To Infamy

Without the tapes, we’d only have the official investigation documents and various journalism articles and videos stemming from the well known murder case.  Bundy studied psychology, and then later, law, and he was a college dropout.  He pursued his murder victims in Idaho, Utah and Colorado.  Now, the location of his rant on the aftermath and series comes from the other side of the Eternal.

Some may look at Bundy’s choice of victims as the ultimate psychological statement, leaving nothing left to say on the sad subject.

Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy – Serial Killer

Why are you so concerned about this Netflix thing – wouldn’t most be flattered or satisfied folks still pay attention to their crimes?

“Maybe I’m more ethical than most serial killers – fancy that.  Perhaps I just don’t like the fact that people are cleaning up and profiting from my work.  Who knows, really, I’m no psychiatrist – hell, I never even became a psychiatrist, but I studied psychology.  I’m slightly pissed over these conversations, but since I’m a narcissist, the fact I’m in the spotlight again creates a conflict.”

Didn’t you give permission for them to be recorded?

“At the time, I figured it could be a good thing – I fancied it as a terror filled teachable moment.  I’m reconsidering my decision in light of all the fame and fascination. Sure, be aware of me and my kind… maybe even learn a few psychopathological lessons from my sad, tortured life, but prop me up like a kind of lethal role model?  I’m thinking such morbid theater shouldn’t be produced – but I guess it’s a little too late now.  I did what I did, and Netflix is doing what they’re doing with my misadventures.  It’s a showcase for the freedom of our American democracy and our corporate ethics working together at its finest.  Who’s next, John Wayne Gacy talking clowns?  Maybe we’ll all have a group therapy movie – Serial Killers Group Therapy.  Know any good producers?”