Bezos does it again!

The darkside of the moon.

Bezos does it again!


This has been so hush hush but the tech staff at laugh trek got the scoop from the famous Doctors Lea and Doctors Albert from the Salton Sea Desert.

Famous Salton Sea Scientist “Dr. Lea”

Dr. Albert, famous Salton Sea Scientist









Learning of the collapse of Jeff Bezos’s NYC deal that fell through today we knew they had a futuristic backup plan and we got the scoop from the two very famous Doctors at the Salton Sea… here it is…

The Blue Origin becoming the work horse of the “bluemoon” project

OK we though the blueorigin space ship system was to take tourists into low earth orbit and back. Well, that is still very true; however, we learned of the “bluemoon” space system. Here is what Bezos’s is planning.

The “bluemoon” base concept.

Also the base will be patterned after Star Wars houses like the following:

Housing concept except pressurized

He intends to have a big, permanent moon base on the dark side of the moon! He will launch space capsules full of goods and warehouse them on the moon for later return delivery right to your house… directly from the moon. How?

The bluemoon rail gun in design

Well, he will have a fleet of “bluemoon” transports ships, just like freight trains of today moving from the earth orbit and then orbit the moon. We learned he will use a “railgun” approach to fire the capsules into low earth orbit and rendezvous with the “bluemoon” rocket ship. Once secured and ready to go, the rocket with then leave earth’s orbit and head to the moon. There are planned at least 3,000 transport ships functioning all the time!

Once there the supply capsule will land at the large space port located on the dark side of the moon. It will then be taken into the warehouse system, which they have been running on earth very efficiently.

amazon warehouse robots

The delivery capsules back to earth will be, again rail gunned back into orbit around the moon and rendezvous with the delivery rocket and back to earth… here is another cool technology they will us… your delivery of your package will be by a re-entry drone that will fly directly to your house! From the moon with love…they call it or rather is their new tagline.

New re-entry drone delivery right to your house… from the moon!

Now why the dark side of the moon? Well, there is no taxes and the land is free for the claiming. The moon base workers will never have to have any light as they are going to use a light pipe system to import the light from the “light side” of the moon. As we saw recently the Chinese landed on the dark side and that was in collaboration with the scientists at the Salton Sea (Dr’s Albert and Lea).

Light Pipe Technology

Light Pipe Technology will capture the sunlight on the sunny side of the moon and move it to the darkside.

Light pipe technology will be used to get the light from the bright side of the moon over to the dark side and thus lower any energy costs and eliminate “greenhouse” gas issues.


They have also worked out all the moon base housing and ways of doing, dig this, not only hydroponics on the dark side but also rising pigs and cows. Small magnets will be glued onto their hooves so they can “walk on the floor like earth”.

raising pigs on the moon

cows on the moon operation “bluemoon”

“bluemoon” farm concept

Vegetables growing in the “bluemoon” project

Hydroponics on the moon

The “horrible greenhouse gases” won’t destroy the little atmosphere of the moon as they will be captured and converted for heating the “moon farm”.

Pressure suits and helmets based off of Darth Vader

The permanent workers will be wearing space suits modified from the looks of dearth Vader helmets and suit. We all know that Syfy generates the concepts and scientist make them many years later. The workers will have fabulous living arrangements and eat for free! All perks of the “from the moon with love” concept.

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