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Thor says, ‘Iron Man Can Be a Real Douchebag’

Iron Douche

Iron Douche?

Thor, on Iron Man, give us a piece of your great, godly mind.  Odin son doesn’t only boast of his famously bloody battlefield exploits.  Midgard’s favoured golden haired also engages in gossip – as in trash talking his friends.  Odin’s bad boy son, fabled Asgard born, bends any ear in earshot with super hero adventures.  But on co-worker Iron Man – a douchebag?

Thor credits his combat cohorts with all due bravery.  He’ll praise them mightily, yet he’ll reveal all damning faults or foibles.  On his Avengers associate Iron Man, the god of thunder offers a colorful assessment, ‘Iron Man constantly challenges Odin Son.  He tasks me.  Most irksome of all, he tries my patience, more than all wicked Frost Giant lands combined. He is, in all spoken honesty, what you mortals would most definitely call a genuine douchebag.”

Iron Man or an Iron Douche?  

Could arc energetic Iron Man be an irritant – a sort of brilliantly, shiny metallic douchebag?  Laugh Trek bugged Thor until he had to chat up and out with all the iron forged douchey dirt.

We hear he’s never the most calm, collected or reasonable guy, but how exactly is Iron Man a down and dirty douchebag?

“Astounding, mortal.  Verily, I stand agape astounded.  You strike one as a mortal who’s not paying close attention to much of anything at all.  You journey here with notions of interrogating, yet you do not prepare with proper, basic information?”

Well, we figured that you’d just want to thrill and surprise us with the inside scoop – you know, something to surprise… thrill us?

“Iron Man plots his annoying chicanery, echoing that delirious devil, Thanos.  He launches war campaigns on his own comrades much like a common villainous menace.  He’s totally ruthless in prodding, predatory and blatant douchebaggery.”

Iron Douche
Iron Douche?

Got it.  All clear now.  Thanks, Thunder God – we appreciate the, um eye opening chat–  

“See here, mortal.  You interfered with my day’s routine.  And now you dare to ask your leave of me?”

But despite our polite concluding statement, he droned on and on…..

“Ye simple minded website!  Nay, vandal, cannot take your leave!  Dealer in silly willy nilly comic theater shenanigans.  I formally swear; your cultural icon Iron Man seeks subjugation.  He toils powerfully till all those round him are subordinate in even the smallest, inconsequential of things.  Lord Laugh Trek, is it clear enough reasoning to chronicle Iron Man as a steaming bag of douche?”