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Al Roker covers Lady Gaga’s Poker Face – Roker Face

Roker Face

Roker Face

Al Roker covering Lady Gaga?  Apparently this marvelous music magic is scheduled to actually happen.  The NBC Today Show Weatherman, long known for his other performing ventures, wants to get into pop music.  Apparently, if his plans pan out, Al Roker fully intends to make Gaga’s Poker Face into Roker Face.

Roker Playing Poker?

Al Roker wants to play a whole new deal in a whole new kind of media game.  The friendly, funny weatherman seeks to put on a whole new public face – and a quite a merry musical one – by assuming a brave and bold Roker Face.

Roker’s reps weren’t exactly trying to convince us this was a long in development project.  They were matter of fact on their client’s choice of pop songs to cover. ‘Look, Al dearly loves listening to Lady Gaga, and he loves her song, Poker Face.  What better way to prove to the world how much of a Gaga fan Al is than to record one of her signature songs?”

Roker Face
Roker Face

Will Al be rehearsing the performance much?  How about any live renditions of the number? Will Roker’s tracks be iTunes and Spotify ready?

“Al Roker impresses the world as a natural entertainer.  He has always impressed his Today Show audience and overall fan base as a consummate live performer – seeing that each day he is in front of broadcast TV cameras talking live to the entire nation.  He may choose to perform Roker Face live – we’re not exactly sure now. However, you can be rest assured he’ll be practicing this song till he knows it by heart. And yes, Roker Face will be available on all streaming platforms, and on Firestick and Roku.  Roker on Roku singing Roker Face – you know that’s a perfect combination. Lady Gaga forever!”