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Leeta Wins Best Dabo Girl of Galaxy Contest

Leeta The Dabo Diva

Leeta The Dabo Diva

Leeta, full disclosure here – we need to come clean.  We didn’t think it was possible, but somehow, you’ve gone and impressed us even more.  You’ve always been a Dabo girl with a deliciously distinct difference.  Of all the many species of employees or exotic associates of Quark’s, a regular customer always can count on Leeta to brighten an otherwise dreary day.  Indeed, the fact that she’s now winner of the Best Dabo Girl of The Galaxy Contest confirms the delightful fact.

Double Dabo Delight

Any player of the insanely popular Dabo will attest to the addictive nature of the cosmic casino game.  If you’re not hooked by the first few rounds, just give it a few more spins.  What they say has been proven oh so true:  A little dab of Dabo will definitely do ya.

Face it, there are dedicated Dabo players, and then there’s all the rest.  Call em Dabo Divas or Dabo Divos, it all comes crashing down to the allure of the fabulous game.  And Dabo players know Leeta better than many of their family members.

Laugh Trek chatted up a few of Quark’s gaming regulars to share with them the good news about Leeta.

Leeta The Dabo Diva
The Dabo Diva

What do you think of Leeta winning Best Dabo Girl of Galaxy Contest?

“Leeta deserves it and then some!  Dealing with the kind of colorful characters she has to on a daily basis, the girl can take care of herself and she knows what she’s doing.  Besides all that, dealing with Quark alone gets more than a bit long in the tooth, or in his case, that randy ear!”

Once we’d shared the celebratory news around with the regulars on DS9’s Promenade, similar comments abounded.  Leeta wasn’t available for comment, because as is usual the case, she attending to and engaging throngs of Dabo players intent on winning it big.  Here’s to you, Leeta.  Let’s toast to you and may the ever moving Dabo wheel of the cosmos always spin winning in your favor!