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Darth Maul Opens Up Galaxy Tattoo Parlor – Think Ink

Think Ink

He wants you to Think Ink

Darth Maul challenges our notions of abstract, artistic perceptions.  He implores you to expand your mind.  What’s the deal? Think Ink.  The notorious Sith bad boy changes up his nasty image by inking up tattoos for an entire galaxy.  Why go to such a known shadowy figure to color up our bodies?  Apparently, Maul is as handy wielding an ink pen as he is slaying and slashing up Jedi with his double bladed lightsaber.  Complementary and intricate skills merging, indeed!

Darth Maul Says Jar Jar Binks Thinks Ink

Maul’s unique artistry reaches deep and colorfully into all corners of the known galaxy, and far beyond.  Even as carefree a fellow as the jolly Jar Jar Binks relishes experiencing Darth Maul’s inking skills. “Esqueeeeze meesa please!  Messa so very much likea dat coola inka for your merry Binksa from Darth Maulsa!”

Think Ink
Darth Maul wants you to Think Ink

Want substantial proof of just how compelling Maul’s ink can be?  One only need gaze upon Maul’s demonic inspired face to gauge just how inspired the fantastically fearsome Sith’s ink creations can be.

What’s the most popular image Think Ink customers request?  Maul mulls it over for a long moment and smiles broadly.

“We specialize in that ink which most expresses and clearly identifies a person’s affiliation.  The rebellion in particular likes certain symbols.  We enjoy providing an easily recognizable reproduction.  And we always keep accurate records of who gets what ink.”

Personal Touch Always

Customer service is at a premium these days.  Can we expect all of that customer goodness, plus the privacy about things which matter to us?

Maul assures us that, just like our ever watchful big brother of Social Media goodness, EmpireBook, their records always remain strictly confidential. The Emperor leading our great Empire demands it under his beneficent rule.  Customer privacy is a priority, and always remains a highly guarded element.  So, no worries, Jedi.  Feel the force, use the force for your ink, but remember – your tattoo artist may know too much about exactly who your friends and colleagues are and what’s important to them.