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Captain Picard Got A Show – Why Not Sulu?

Move Over Picard

Move Over Picard

Sulu, the human adventure could just be beginning for you, and for all Trekkers.  And we ain’t in no way a foolin you.  Many of us think you definitely need to have your own starship tripping show.  There’s really no getting around this undeniable fact.  Star Trek, from feature films and the CBS All Access streaming show, Star Trek: Discovery, warps along and trends up in popularity.  The time for such a project ripens.  It’s about time to now create a sci-fi exploratory show for George Takei playing his most famous role, the inimitable Hikaru Sulu.

Sulu Ain’t No Fool For You

If such a show were to be produced, it undoubtedly wouldn’t be a show to fool you nor me.  A Captain commanded show – or, maybe, by this time, Admiral – would not only be arguably wildly popular, but it seems now to be nearly a mandatory project.

The Original Trek Tea Drinker
Earl Grey or Not?  Another Trek Tea Drinker

Gene Roddenberry created a multi-level sci-fi spanning universe.  Producing another chapter from the classic universe – or Prime Time Line as many fans call it – calls out for action.

Exhausted on being oh so very blue for Sulu?  Star Trek has been revitalized and fans are demanding ever more permutations of their beloved science fiction universe.  The Gene Roddenberry created character remains a real fan favorite – right up there with Captain Kirk, Spock or Dr. McCoy. 

The Grand Sulu Adventure Is Just Beginning….

Loyal fans gear up to the 2nd coming of Captain Picard.  Jean-Luc (Troi’s Mom’s voice) will soon be getting his own TNG styled show.  Khan is getting his own show, created by Wrath of Khan director, Nicholas Meyer.  Discovery may be spinning off a Michelle Yeoh starring show.  Supposedly, a parody, animated comedy show rolls out soon.  Why not a Sulu centric show?

Move Over Picard
Move Over Picard

So, why can’t a Sulu show fool you?  If it doesn’t happen, will we all be blue?  Maybe we could collectively call upon the super entity known as Q?  The beloved character is far too established in Trek’s cannon for fans to not embrace.  Like British rockers, The Who, wail to the faithful, ‘We won’t get fooled again!’

And if we correctly recall our Trekking history, this isn’t a new idea at all.  This wouldn’t be the first time a George Takei focused series would be considered.  Back around the time of Star Trek: Enterprise’s creation, the studio toyed with a Captain Sulu propelled series.  Maybe the time wasn’t right back then, however, there’s no time like the time spanning or time travelling present.  Give Captain Sulu a chance, I think the fans would love the warp of a ride.