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Picard Gets A Show – Why Not Captain Kirk?

Kirk Show

Kirk Show

Captain Kirk, you’ve definitely boldly gone.  William Shatner playing Enterprise’s first regular series commander casts a big, space ace shadow, indeed.  He justly boasts on all elements in his warp traveled galaxy. We all know he’s a certified, pop culture icon.  His legendary exploits documented in classic Star Trek, blockbuster feature films, and an award winning animated show, prove he’s our go to Starfleet guy.  Hell, he’s even appeared in too many video games to blur an eye or sprain a thumb playing over. Now, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) – 80 years his junior – gets his own series coming to CBS All Access.  Jim Kirk’s scored so very much, but to date, no solo show.

Gee, it’s enough to scream out in frustration.  Khaaaaaaaaaan!  Khaaaaaaaaaaan!  

And yeah, that Nicholas Meyer (Wrath of Khan director) helmed series is reportedly coming down the old Christopher Pike soon.

Don’t Be A Twerk Of A Jerk, Kirk

Maybe it’s just that simple.  Personality.  Does Kirk’s randy rep paint him as too much of a Jerk?  The fabled Cowboy Diplomacy made famous by Kirk’s pioneering crew may be reason why fans won’t get a Kirk centric spin-off.  Is the kind of balls to the wall, sci-fi romping Kirk we celebrated back in the day simply too hot to handle these days?

Picard Vs Kirk sounds simple enough.  Picard’s more of the diplomat, the negotiator, vs Kirk’s more phaser friendly Captain.  In the end, Picard may simply be more popular, more agreeable, more mainstream.  Is TNG’s Captain safer when put up against Kirk?  Of course, giving folks a predictable rehash of something they got for years isn’t much fun.  Safe, predictable, and easy to recycle, but certainly nothing to get too excited or write home from Starfleet Academy.  

Patrick Stewart himself is on record saying he doesn’t want the same old Next Generation Picard dynamic.  He’s said the show will play something like a mini-series or a 10 part feature film.

Kirk Show
Show us a Kirk Show?

Early word on Picard’s new space romp promises something different.  It won’t be Captain Picard at the helm of a vessel – or probably even Admiral Picard.  At least, it’s a safe bet Picard won’t be an active Starfleet officer anymore.  Perhaps he’ll be a retired executive consultant – or maybe even an archaeology expert, an endeavor Jean-Luc Picard always toyed around with as a beefy hobby.

‘Generations’ Of The Cooking Captains

During filming of the 1994 movie, Star Trek: Generations, co-stars William Shatner and Patrick Stewart grew close and became friends.  They joked about starring in a reality chef show featuring Kirk and Picard – the cooking Captains.  It was in reference to the film’s scene when Shatner’s Kirk and Stewart’s Picard whip up a meal in his cabin kitchen.  

Cooking Captains
‘The Cooking Captains’ – Coming Soon To Food Network

Red Alert!  Martha Stewart and Rachel Raye, watch out, those space cowboys are clearly gunning for your domestic market share.

Maybe a whole Kirk show is a bit too much to ask for a main course.  How about a tasty morsel of JT Kirk? Maybe fans will get to see him in the new Picard show.  Perhaps Picard – through the magic of Holodeck tech – will interact with the fabled Captain or Admiral Kirk.  Another time travel anomaly like the Nexus could reunite the cooking Captains. Whatever the case, fans would love seeing Kirk back in action, and William Shatner’s just the guy to make it happen.