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Barbie Launches Her Stand-Up Comedy Career

Plastic Doesn't Mean Unfunny

Plastic Doesn't Mean Unfunny

Barbie is sitting down for a chat about stand-up comedy.

Barbie may be Ken’s girlfriend these days, but watch out Ken, your girl is going places.  With her new comedy career looming large, things may definitely change for the ever timeless Barbie girl.  Our girl who’s seen it all, worn it all and who’s definitely done it all, now wants to say it all on stage – as in a stand-up comic career.  Barbie will soon be coming to a stand-up comedian stage near you. Are you ready for blonde, bubbly and bold?

Plastic Doesn’t Have To Mean Artificial

Are plastic people naturally too stiff?  Ever pinch or prod a store mannequin? Not much give, right?  Does it mean they’re unfunny? That’s the urgent philosophical question Barbie seeks to answer with her unique brand of stand-up comedy.

Laugh Trek were always big fans of the sensational Barbie for as long as can remember.  We caught up with her and sat down for a chat about a variety of issues.

LT:  What’s happening, Ms. Barbie Doll?

B:  Everything!  Too much, maybe!?  Where do I begin? (laughs)

LT:  That’s the spirit!  And that laughter is so appropriate, you’re tackling stand-up comedy now.  Who knew you were so darned funny?

B:  My friends knew!  You better believe that Ken knew!  He always said, ‘Barb, you make me laugh so hard, I can’t wipe the brilliant, dentist proud smile off my face!’

LT:  OMG!  Never really through of that, but true.

B:  Yeah!  And look at me, I’m always smiling, right?  So I must be making myself laugh constantly!

Plastic Doesn't Mean Unfunny
Plastic Doesn’t Mean Unfunny

LT:  Don’t trust a comedian who never cracks a smile!

B:  That’s my forever motto!  That and Phyllis Diller had more plastic surgery than even I’ve had!  

LT:  Plastic surgery, much?  (laughs) So, give us a preview – at least a tiny taste of a chuckle.  Hit us with your best comedy routine line.

B:  OK.  Why did the plastic chicken cross the road?

LT:  Oh, wow, I love the set-up.  Hmmmmmm I give up. Why?

B:  To get away from the plastic people like me who want to eat him all up!

LT: Gold, pure 24K gold!  Thank you, Barbie. We are confident your comedy will take you places.

B:  Thanks, Laugh Trek!  Plastic people power perseveres!