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Atheist Bill Maher Thumps Bible to Defend Superhero hate

Deep Bible Thoughts

Deep Bible Thoughts

Bill Maher lives the life of an exceedingly stubborn man.  Despite an avalanche of backlash after his brutal dissing of Stan Lee and comic book fans, Maher’s not backing down.  He’s decided to triple down and keep his hatred of superhero, sci-fi culture burning red hot. The controversial cable talk show host of Real Time on HBO recently used the Christian Bible to defend his intense hatred of comic books.

On his latest episode, Maher offered up the following biblical passage, from Corinthians 13:11

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child.  But when I grew up, I put away childish things.

Oh my word!  I’m getting the vapors!  Angels, attend thee and circle round.  Ring the jubilant church bells! Listen closely, you can hear the gospel choir singing heaven’s praises.  Bill Maher, now a devout bible thumper?


This isn’t a comic book to fill Bill Maher with animosity at the first hint of pulp fiction friction.  This is no cartoon. You read it correctly. The famed atheist now thumps the bible and he proffers it as an example to live one’s life.

Yes, stand-up comedian Bill Maher, hardcore atheist, producer and host of the anti-religion documentary, Religulous, used a biblical passage to promote and endorse his hatred of comic books and superheroes.

Deep Bible Thoughts
Deep Bible Thoughts

Is this the second coming of The Day The Earth Stood Still?  Did Superman fly around the planet again and turn back time?  Grandpa Bill must be playing a big, fat joke on us.

Stan Lee, the legendary comic book creator, whom Maher casually dismissed at only ‘making a few movies’, and helping to dumb down our country to elect Donald Trump, might say ‘WIth great power, comes great responsibility.’ or, in this case, ‘With great fame, comes great integrity.’  Maher’s flipped, even destroyed the notion of saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Suddenly, the bible, the very book Maher’s railed against so often, is now his choice example of how to live properly.  It’s as if Maher has gone off the deep end. He’s discovered and promptly joined a trendy new cult of personality. Now, he wants us to follow his Christian example.

Bill Maher’s earned a strong reputation of promoting an atheist lifestyle.  He constantly rails angrily against the world’s religions. Now, apparently, he’s urging people to follow bible teachings, holding them up high as a way to live.  Grandpa Bill, what’s the deal? Are you telling us to follow the bible and religion or dismiss and ignore it? Please, make up your superhero hating mind.