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Whos Elects Doctor Who Mayor of Whoville

Whoville Mayor

Whoville Mayor

Doctor Who blazes an epic trail as legendary explorer.  The literal boundaries and normal outer limits of accepted reality bend and submit to his practiced cosmic manipulation.  Our famed Time Lord explores the farthest reaches of space, as he navigates perilous rivers rushing into temporal realms. His great work helps out the helpless.  All of this, and his sonic screwdriver is beyond cool.  What of the equally risky game of local politics?  Now, thanks to admiring residents of fabled Whoville, Who’s become a duly elected official.  Thanks to the Whos, Doctor Who now governs as mayor of Whoville

Who’s Doctor Who In Whoville

Laugh Trek borrowed the T.A.R.D.I.S. for a spin.  We soon landed smack dab in the quaint Whoville village.

Whoville’s town square was all but empty.  The village deserted at this time of day meant Who communal singing practice.  We could hear the dulcet tones of their choir far in the distance. All evidently attended the choral performance except an adorable little waif.  Her name was Cindy Lou Who, and she had lots to say about her town’s new Mayor.

Whoville Mayor
Whoville Mayor

Your new Mayor’s reputation and exploits are well known the galaxy over.  In fact, he’s known in countless multi-verses, alternate time lines and mind bending realities.  How does this cosmic celebrity sit with you and your simple people?

“Can I have a drink, please?”, chimed the precious child.

Um, yeah, I guess so.  Sure. I fetched a cool beverage for the waif.  Here ya go. Now, how’s about answering that question?  

“Where are my presents?  Are you Santee Claus?” replied the child.

No, I’m a parody website full of geeky fun and pop culture references.

“I’m here waiting for the arrival of Santee Claus.” insisted the waif.

This was getting us no where.  We smiled politely at the child, and went on our way.  Doctor Who was nowhere to be seen, and we suspected the Time Lord probably had a busy schedule above his new mayoral duties.