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Thor says, ‘Hulk Blows Killer Farts’

Hulk The Farter

Hulk The Farter

Thor fans, get ready for a big confession.  Thor needs to reveal a real concern about the Hulk.  Odin’s firstborn son, Asgard’s brazen bad boy wants his adoring public to know working with the green goliath isn’t easy.  Banner’s troll boils with a legendary fiery temper.  He’s nearly impossible to control or work with in a civil manner. And above all this, according to the big blonde warrior, his jolly jade guy cuts the meanest of killer farts.  Maybe we should listen to Banner when he says: “Mister McGee, don’t make me gassy. You wouldn’t like me when I’m gassy.”

Hulk Smash and Fart and Fart And Fart

Laugh Trek carefully traversed the fabled rainbow bifrost bridge connecting merry Midgard to asinine Asgard.  Between bashing of a few fierce battle trolls, the Thunder God deemed to finally speak to us puny mortals.

“Look skyward, puny mortals, I do not do this interview for promotion of your digital parchment.  I do not attempt to smear or trash talk, as your people say, my comrade in arms. Verily, this confession must take hold as truth.  Hulk’s digestive bowels spew the most noxious of fetid fumes. He’s a big broad, constant farter.  His buttock biscuits blow one away with the formidable fierceness of the northern winds!”

Poke The Bear of Feed The Farting Beast

Is Hulk’s farting worse when Banner is eating big before his transformation, or is it only an issue when Hulk eats or drinks big?

Hulk The Farter
Hulk The Farter

“Mortal, your question brims with genuine intellectual merit.  I do believe Banner’s imbibing or ingesting bears little consequence to Hulk’s withering flatulence.  If we could prevent the green beast from taking to the table, we may stop our noses from blazing and our lungs from trembling with disgust.”

Glad to help.  Now, how are you going to even attempt that one?

Thor laughs heartily, “I like the clever pathways of your keen mind mortal.  Verily. Preventing Hulk from his gluttonous gorging is like stopping my cretinous brother Loki from trapping our noble numbers with his deadly pranks.”