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Instant Pot – Perfect Gadget For Weed Smokers

Quick Grass Anytime

Quick Grass Anytime

Instant Pot shakes up your kitchen – in more ways than one.  The versatile appliance makes short work of almost any culinary exercise, but its most exciting practical application lies in grass.  That’s right, weed lovers, your smoking and toking prayers have been answered.

Cook Up Fast Grass Just As The Name Implies

Instant Pot pressure cookers are sweeping the nation for their ease of use and quick cook options.  No matter how skilled you are as a chef, you may not realize that you can also whip up some pretty mean pot – just as the appliance name implies.

Laugh Trek shared a smoking room with a few Instant Pot engineers to clear the smoky air about the grass cooker.

“Look the Instant Pot practically defines versatility in cooking up everything – why not smoke up some grass between meals?  Our patented cookers can deliver that instant blast to any cuisine. Pot is no exception. Just put in a few seeds of your favorite smoky weed, set the controls and in a few short minutes, you’ll be smoking, tokin and even toking to your weed lover’s heart’s content.”

Quick Grass Anytime
Smokin Quick Grass Anytime

And what about throwing in some grub while the grass is cooking?

“It’s an excellent suggestion.  Instant Pot is a device which thrives on and grows by combining ingredients.  By putting in a few choice cuts of meat – say beef, chicken or pork, and also throwing in some fine weed, you’ll be satisfying your smoking needs and toking needs all in one.  The munchies will be completely controlled – since you’ll be devouring it all at the same time.”