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Space Ghost says, ‘I’m Not A Friggin Ghost’

No Ghost

No Ghost

Space Ghost moans out loudly.  He desperately seeks to set the public, paranormal record straight.  Above all, he’s tired of chasing ghosts – namely people thinking he is one and doggedly pursuing him.  The veteran space based crime fighter and enigmatic law enforcer carries a clear message for all who think he’s a fancy costumed poltergeist, “Look, I don’t know how more emphatic I can be.  I’m no frigging ghost. Stop chasing, setting traps or trying to bust me.’

Haunting dead end or a singularly fascinating social experiment?  We take a long, detailed look, and manage to down a few free drinks in the process.

A Ghost Of A Chance

Laugh Trek ditched the trance seances, rattling chains and ectoplasma sensors as we hitched a ride with the space based icon.  Space Ghost appeared in good spirits as he offered us a guided tour of his fabled spaceship. After a short walkabout, SG broke out the real, hardcore spirtis.  We gladly shared a bottle.

Gee, how early on anticlimatic.  There’s no real suspense left. Right off the bat, we can attest you’re a living dude.  Ghosts don’t imbibe liquor.

SG chuckled heartily, “You’d be surprised at how much that observation won’t convince the ones out there who want to believe – or, I guess, the truly dense.  But thanks for pointing out the obvious. I enjoy an after dinner drink or dinner cocktail just like any civilized gentleman. And I can’t imagine a genuine supernatural apparition emanating from the other side doing similarly.”

Yeah, booze and ghosts don’t mix.  So, what does it take to air out the cobwebs?  Do you have to just rip it all off? Unmask? Would that help?  Ghosts can’t take off clothing accessories, can they?

No Ghost
No Ghost

“Let’s not get crazy.  My secret identity is still important to operating as an effective law enforcement officer,  But you’re on to something. A ghost has no fear of being found out nor unmasked, so I’d say your logic is pretty sound.”

Ghostly Notions

What’s the worst ghost hunting you’ve been exposed to and victim of?

SG sighed, “I’ve had real morons point energy weapons at me, designed to ‘suck ghost ectoplasm’ out of spirits – blah blah.  I had completely unhinged crackpots try to trap me with magneto devices set to my unique vibrational frequency – yadda yadda. Just completely dumb, dime store kinda stuff.  Gets exhausting. All these cheap ghost hunting shows don’t help.  So, yeah, I’ll just say it again.  Space Ghost is a code name. It’s a cool nickname. It’s like Spider-Man or Batman.  The guy is no friggin bat, correct?  Peter Parker doesn’t trap flies and eat em, right?  Same logic applies to me.  Get it? Got it? Good!”