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Tricorder Ventriloquist Show With Starfleet Android Data

Mr. Tricorder

Mr. Tricorder

Tricorder, do you hear our vibrant laughter?  Better yet – with such advanced sensory capability – simply determine our rapid heart rate and the frantic neurological activity brought on by your uniquely memorable comedy.  We can hide absolutely nothing from your intricate sensor array.  Starfleet’s collapsible box of techs tricks is truly magical, and the android Data exploits that magic.

Starfleet’s sentient android, Lt. Cmdr. Data, assigned to Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s USS Enterprise Galaxy Class vessel, recently launched a dazzling comedy show.  Starfleet veterans know this artificial intelligence boasts an array of entertaining surprises. Well known for his musical talent, Data is a skillful violinist.  However, his ventriloquism now appears a priority for the multi-talented artificial life form.

Try A Tricorder For A Laugh

Laugh Trek recently caught Data’s show.  We’re happy to report we were truly impressed.  Mister Tricorder, we fully underestimated your true worth.  That essential away team gear proves it’s now a comedy star as well.

When Data operates Mister Tricorder, his famed emotion chip is dynamically active.  The activation provokes truly fascinating mood swings, and for this, any audience member lucky enough to catch more than one showing can attest to a pure randomness and variable nature of these surreal performances.

Mr. Tricorder
Mr. Tricorder

Says ventriloquist Data, “My emotion chip allows me to experience a full range of human emotional states.  However, I still – as you humans cannot – am unable to predict nor reign in emotions. Mister Tricorder was born of an intense emotional experience on a mission with my friend, Chief LaForge.  Initially Geordi became agitated on seeing Mister Tricorder, but has since become enamored of my character.”

We notice you move your lips during shows – will this ever change?

“While it is traditional for a ventriloquist to mask lips movements while giving voice to their characters, I have found as long as the comedy bits are strong, people do not mind watching my mouth move.  Guinan tells me it can be a charming part of my shtick.”

We yearn for a sample.  Can we hear the good stuff?  Give us a favorite line from Mister Tricorder.

Deeply drawing out his superior’s European accent, Data intones eerily like Picard, ‘Make it so!”