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Counselor Troi says, ‘My Farts Smell Like Perfume’

Perfume Gas

Perfume Gas

Counselor Troi embarks on a vital social, hygienic and educational mission.  She wants you to know something important about her race. Betazoids have and they do emit gas, the same as virtually any other humanoid species.  There’s something a bit different about her people, however – when they bake butt biscuits, the odor isn’t offensive. Yes, when they fart, the smell is decidedly aromatic.  

Troi is assigned as Counselor to Captain Picard on Enterprise 1701-D.  When Troi farts, she has nothing at all to worry about – neither do her crewmates.

Perfume Flatulence

Laugh Trek caught up with the always demure Deanna Troi, as the Starship Enterprise Counselor prepared for her day’s professional therapy sessions.  Lt. Barclay was nowhere in sight, so we felt relaxed and confident we’d not be disturbed.

We’re good, right, I mean you’re not going to fart during our interview?

Troi chuckled, “Such a direct question, I love that kind of icebreaker.  The Enterprise maintains a pretty good fart suppression system from what Geordi tells me, but I don’t think you’ll have to worry.”

Perfume Gas
Perfume Gas

Betazed is fart free?  Astounding.

“Well, I am half human and half Betazoid, but basically Betazed flatulence is, shall we say – aromatic.  Our gas gives off a rather pleasant smell, so no matter where I am – even when technology can’t suppress the mean smell of a fart, people around me have no worries when I root a toot toot.”

And what exactly does the gas smell like – can you give us an idea?

“It’s hard to describe really.  I mean, some say Betazoid flatulence reminds them off spring flowers or a rainy, summer day.  I’ve even heard of some people comparing our gas to a breezy summer beach. It’s really quite a lovely experience.”

Flatulence, a lovely experience?  Laugh Trek’s mind has been completely blown by this information.  You truly have trod some fascinating undiscovered country with this uniquely educational information, Counselor Troi.  We’ll never think about Betazoid or Betazeds in quite the same way.