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Changelings Rename The Dominion To The Merging

Urge To Merge

Urge To Merge

Dominion citizens, prepare for a genuine societal surprise.  You’re in for a real name change.  Your sacred, idolized leaders decree your society shall be referred to by something brand new.  Long held tradition, coupled with centuries of domineering behavior, had the known galaxy calling the original Changeling Empire, The Dominion.  From this day forward, call it The Merging.

New Name For A New Era

What’s in a name?  Can’t an oppressive empire simply dominate and overtake entire cultures with any old name?  Laugh Trek caught up with excited Changeling representatives in charge of the transition. Thankfully, they spoke honestly about their motives.

“We are tired of how our long term goals and directives have been misrepresented by most of the galaxy.  A name change called to us. We brainstormed for many moon cycles.  We thought of The Collective, but that’s taken.  Those damn Borg want it all, all the time, don’t they?”

Comical Books

 “A few of our Changeling kind offered up The Avengers.  We do avenge the evil wrongs done to our race.  But when we researched it, we found it’s the name of a Terran pop culture franchise, something archaic and quaint called pulpy fiction comical books.  Finally, one of us coming out of The Great Link suggested, ‘How about The Linking?  And The Great Link quickly scolded the member, reasoning this suggestion sounded like an ancient spam farm.  Obviously, it challenged us as a long, arduous process, but we finally got there.”

Urge To Merge
Urge To Merge

How did you come up with The Merging?

“We in The Great Link essentially merge with one another, don’t we?  All in all, we merge as happy lifeforms.  And, with our trusty Jem’Hadar warrior army, we ultimately merge with so many other cultures – whether they like it or not.  The Merging communicates a sense of togetherness and unity, but instead of stressing dominion over all our many colony worlds, we now simply merge with them. We are now The Merging Changelings.  Additional Catchphrases shall be issued for general usage in the coming days. Got the urge to merge?  Merge Urge?  Etc.  We always have the urge to merge, and guess what – we’re gonna come get ya!”