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The Masked Singer spins off ‘The Masked Asshole’

Unmasking Ass

Unmasking Ass

The Masked Singer isn’t content to simply unmask singers, or with its first spin-off show, unmask douchebags.  This time the go round will see the snarky judges on a new Fox show. Their unenviable task will be to unmask a bunch of assholes.  It’s a simple equation: the unmasking of singers and douchebags is great fun, however unmasking an asshole is pure joy.

Unmasking Assholes Equals Happiness

Laugh Trek found The Masked Asshole producers huddled away in a kind of asshole assembly.  These are creators on a mission – find as many assholes as possible, mask them appropriately and parade them about on a stage for everyone to unmask.

Unmasking Ass
Unmasking Ass

Is it easy finding appropriately assy assholes?

“You’d really be surprised at how difficult all of this can be.  Yes, we’re finding many, many assholes, however, we are extremely picky.  We want only the stinkiest and the smelliest ones we can find. This show has to recruit the most blatant and unforgivable assholes on the planet.  For us to pull that off, it’s not an easy nor fast process.”

Famous Assholes Or Any Asshole?

What’s the overall asshole criteria?  I can be a real asshole – may I join in on the fun?

“Look, we appreciate any enthusiastic asshole coming by and auditioning, but there are LOTS of REAL ASSHOLES out there.  I mean, it’s gonna be a huge asshole cattle call.  You think you’re up to snuff – by all means, fart your way to our studio.  But we are looking for the worst – or the best – possible asshole to play with us.  It’s our asshole mission statement.  The Masked Singer find singers, The Masked Douchebag finds douchebags, now we are charged with finding and unmasking assholes.”