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Starfleet Spot Speaks, Cat Says, ‘Data is boring’

Boring Data

Boring Data

Starfleet Android Data owns a cat named Spot.  This USS Starship Enterprise kitty has more than a few things on its mind.  Spot is finally speaking out.  Spot wants everyone to know something about his artificial owner.  “I hate to break it to everyone, but Data is just boring.”

Starfleet Feline 

The life of any member of Starfleet isn’t an easy one.  Pets can feel the pressures more than many.  Though Spot does love his android caretaker, the monotonous rhythm of his daily life has taken its toll.

“Talk about utter and never ending monotony.  Oh Man.  The guy plays with me at a prescribed time every day.  It’s like a friggin atomic clock.  We eat precisely at the same time each and every day.  I get a snack on schedule at exactly the same time.  Can’t you mix things up a bit?  Feline Supplement blah blah – specifically when my belly is most apt to digest it.  Blah blah.  Whatever!  Dude, gimme a sardine every once in awhile when I’m least expecting it.  Anything to break up this damn boredom.”

Playtime or Snooze Time?

How’s about playtime?  Does Data get a bit more adventurous, surprising or random?

Boring Data
Boring Data

“He does try to be at least sort of random, I’ll give him that much.  However, it not very effective.  An android maintains precise chronological timing in everything they do.  I get it.  Boy, don’t I know it.  So each time he gives me a ball of yarn or a replicated cat toy, it’s pretty much at the same speed.  And he’ll say the same things as we play.  Kitty like the toy?  Toy nice for kitty?  Blah blah.  Bro, mix it up.  Be spontaneous.  Put on a weird voice.  Hell, make loud noises and try your best to scare my ass.  Anything but the same old boring, predictable chit chat for your cat”