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Ronny Cox May Reprise TNG’s Captain ‘Shithead’ Jellico

Capt. Shithead

Capt. Shithead

Actor Ronny Cox may bring a real shithead back to life.  Star Trek: The Next Generation has many fascinating guest and recurring characters – the mysterious Guinan, played by Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg (The View), the determined Ensign Ro, played by Michelle Forbes and the always entertaining and mercurial Q – played by John De Lancie.  As far as other Starfleet Captains playing in the TNG sandbox go, there have been many, but one of the most popular – as in we love to hate – is Captain Jellico, otherwise known affectionately as Captain Shithead.

Shitheads Command With A Shitty Iron Fist

Chain Of Command remains one of the most jarring and action packed TNG episodes of the series.  Captain Picard is ordered by Starfleet to engage in a secret and dangerous mission.  He’s to bring along Worf and Dr. Crusher. While the three are otherwise engaged in their espionage trek, a new Captain assumes command of Picard’s Galaxy Class vessel.  Jellico is a no nonsense kind of guy – so much so, he even tersely orders Troi to always wear a proper uniform while on his bridge. He generally goes around and busts everyone’s ass.  Jellico is a honest to goodness shithead.

Capt. Shithead
Capt. Shithead

Oh, how much we loved that fun shithead.

Reps for the upcoming Picard show remarked, ‘Captain Jellico or Captain Shithead is a real fan favorite.  What else is there to say, but we are thrilled to have lured back Ronnie to play this first class douchebag!”

What’s the Shithead up to these days?

Producers sounded optimistic.  “As with Picard, it will be a different kind of character – but no worries, he’ll still be ALL SHITHEAD!”