Buying It All

Disney owns a whole bunch of media.  They own ABC, Lucasfilm/Star Wars, The Muppets and Marvel.  They just purchased 20th Century Fox studios, home of iconic brands such as The Simpsons, and the Alien and Predator sci-fi franchises.  But it’s not ending there. They’ve set off on the buying spree to end all shop till you drop binges. Who or whom are they purchasing? It’s really quite simple.  They’re going to buy all of it. All of your pop culture will soon belong to them.  Get used to losing it all. The House Of Mouse is taking no prisoners. Prepare to be fully assimilated.  

Disney Dizzy Deductions

“Where does it end?  How much can one multi-media entertainment corporation own?  Guess what?  There is no end.  We’re going to buy it all. In fact, even the pop culture brands which have not been created, we’re optioning them and putting a contract out on them.  So, essentially, we’ll own it all. Don’t even bother creating stuff which you think YOU will own, you won’t. We will. OK? Thanks!”

Buying It All

Buying It All

Wow. Finale.  The End. So that’s, it huh – don’t even try escape the fate?

“Disney won’t stop.  We will continue to snap up any remotely attractive pop culture content in your world.  Your songs, your blogs, your artwork are all fair game.  Hell, even your dopey memes.  We will acquire it all.  Don’t stress over anything, sit back and know that your beloved Uncle Disney owns the world now in full.”

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