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‘The Masked Singer’ Spins-Off ‘The Masked Douchebag’

Douchebags Wear Masks?

Douchebags Wear Masks?

Fox’s hit show The Masked Singer has inspired a kissing cousin kind of reality show.  Unlike the can you guess who’s behind the mask singing competition, the upcoming The Masked Douchebag will have us all wondering and guessing – Who the hell is that big douchebag?

Douchebags Usually Don’t Wear Masks

Laugh Trek caught up with the fledging show’s producers to find out just what it takes to make it as a douchebag diva on their new douchey show.

“Look, the harsh reality is this – real life douchebags usually don’t wear masks.  Sure, you have the lousy douchebags who rob convenience stores and banks, and what not, but the hardcore fact of it is that dbags usually parade around without a disguise.”

Judging Douchebags

And who’s qualified to help us all guess who the most douchey are?

“Our wish list is long, but Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul remain firmly on our wish list.  Cowell and Abdul have amazing chemistry. Those two reading between the lines to determine which douchebag is which simply defies all our expectations.  C’mon Simon and Paula, come join us in douchebag ville for a little playtime!”

Douchebags Wear Masks?
Douchebags Wear Masks?

Without naming names, of course, what sort of douchebags are you looking for to perform on the program?

“Everyday rude and trashy douchebags need not apply.  We’re looking for truly epic, enormous douchebags of the finest quality.  Please, unless you’re completely hated in your personal and professional life, unless you don’t do everything to douche everyone out, don’t bother us.  The Masked Singer has booked the highest quality in surprise guests, The Masked Douchebag will continue to maintain that honored tradition.”