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Al Roker wants to play The Joker

Roker Joker

Roker Joker

Al Roker, veteran meteorologist of The Today Show, playing Gotham’s very own clown prince of crime, The Joker?  Holy villainous shenanigans, Batman!  Apparently, NBC’s jovial Sultan of Storms feels his casting idea brews as a perfect storm of thunderous proportions.

Roker Joker Ain’t No Poker

Laugh Trek sought the pulpy lowdown on this coming comic confection.

Reps for Roker cackled crazily at us while discussing a possible casting coup.  An assembled PR gang dealt out Joker playing cards emblazoned with Roker’s smiling face.  They then promptly proceeded to point out the reasons their weather loving boss should get the coveted comic book gig.

Too bad they got stuck on just one flimsy reason.

Al Roker Is The Joker.  Or more simple and catchier Roker Is The Joker.  That’s it, it’s all we need.  Do we really need more? Imagine seeing that incredible phrase in towering letters on a poster.  Visualize such a phrase in a multi-media campaign across all social media platforms. InstaGram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – Get Ready Folks, Here Comes Roker Joker.  Simply sells itself!”

Roker Joker
Roker Joker

The PR platoon became so deliciously tickled with their tagline, they wouldn’t let it go, as if the Joker himself had attacked them.

“How’s about…. How about Joker Is Roker?  OK!?  Brilliant!  The Joker Is Al Roker!  Yes!  We’re not getting tired of this anytime soon!  Are you?

Let’s just not go there.  Anyway, what of necessary acting experience – does Al really have enough acting chops to pull it off?  “Al Roker acts ever single morning as a master thespian. He looks into a camera, works a video screen map and gives the American people their weather.  He’s dramatic and funny all at the same time. Isn’t that enough of a prime performance?”