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Thor’s Dad Launches The Odin Workout

The Odin Burn

The Odin Burn

Odin fans, prepare for an extreme bodily transformation.  Your god of gods decrees combat triumph of the bulge and your undeniable physical fitness superiority.  The Allfather promises he’ll get you seriously pumped up. That fearsome ruler of fabled Asgard, and Thor’s ever loving Dad, launches his heavenly exercise program.  And we’re confident if this workout doesn’t properly pump you up and out, you’ll simply have to go piss off the Hulk.

A Godly Workout For Mortal Consumption

Laugh Trek caught up with the otherworldly, immensely buff immortal to ask how well a mere mortal can endure a god endorsed gym burn.

“Gather round and hear my  profound words, inquisitive mortal.  My Odin Workout shall ever put your feeble body reeling through a routine of cosmic proportions.  Do not fear the stern burn of my muscle training regimen. Forsooth, it shall transform your dull life and mundane reality!”, the father of Asgard boomed mightily.

And what of Thor and Loki?  Do they approve of their Dad’s new hobby?

“Verily, what say ye of this hobby?  Is this pronouncement a sly mockery of the All Father?  I am perplexed at such insulting mischief. Loki? Aye. Is that clever prankster behind yon offensive confrontation?”

Feel The Godly Burn
Feel The Godly Burn

Um, no insult intended, Odin, sir.  Do your sons approve of their Dad’s new commandment?

Odin laughs heartily, “Clarity now rightfully restored, mortal inquisitor!  I test all my strength trials on Thor, he’s the only Asgardian tough enough – or I should say stupid enough to try them out! (Laughs)  As for my chief mischief maker, the predictable Loki would simply cast a temporal spell to accelerate the burn process.  Cheaters never win and winners never cheat – as you simple mortals are fond of saying.”

Asgard along with all of awe inspired Midgard now rejoice over the workout burn of all father Odin.  Needless to say, we’ll all be lining up in celebration at whatever gym – or realm – the muscle morphing workout is offered.  Thor and Loki undoubtedly will act as guest trainers – pity the poor gym members who get them both at the same time.