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Hollywood, Bollywood & Dollywood To Merge Into ‘Gollywood’



Hello Hollywood fans, prepare for big change.  Your favorite American dream factory expands significantly to get a whole lot bigger and even more glamorous.  Impossible? It’s too darn flashy now? Get ready for more glitz, glamour and golly when Hollywood, Bollywood and country star Dolly Parton’s mega theme park, Dollywood, merge together to become a gigantic fantasy processing plant, the apt entitled Gollywood.

Jolly And Golly With Little Folly

Laugh Trek caught up with the preening producers behind the international spectacle launch.

LT:  Thanks for taking time to tell us about Gollywood,  Sounds exciting!

GW:  We are so jazzed we don’t even know where we are.  Where are we anyway? I need my GPS! Siri!  Alexa!  Help! (chuckles)

Seriously though, it’s about merging today, isn’t it?  Big fish swallow small fish and soon we’re all eating sushi!  I can’t imagine going back to simply Hollywood or Bollywood or down home, Dollywood.  Gollywood signifies change in our media landscape. It heralds in a new age where everything comes with a big fat GOLLY!  Our stuff will be such fun, you’ll all be saying golly golly gumdrop!


LT:  Wonderful.  But we need more info.  Considering Bollywood is based in India, and Dollywood and Hollywood in America, where will the new headquarters be?  Is LA simply one of the satellites for Gollywood?

GW:  We’ll maintain all the old entertainment headquarters, and then erect the new Gollywood in time.  Gollywood is a feeling, it’s a spirit. Gollywood makes you laugh, cry, and yes Gollywood will anger you.  We intend to run a gamut of emotions.

LT:  So Gollywood will get ya right in the gut?

GW:  Absolutely!  Hollywood, Bollywood and Dolly Parton’s Dollywood boast their special kind of allure, but look out for the coming of Gollywood, because it’s gonna capture all the fun and then some!  Golleeeeeee!