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Scotty Says, ‘I Got Ya Warp Core Fit Right Here.’

Warp Core Fit

Warp Core Fit

Scotty, Chief Engineer of the iconic Starship Enterprise, has something to say to those looking for a good workout.  “Core fit?  My Laddies, I’ll give ya Warp Core fit. Those tired, weak, and coddled bodies of yours will never be the same, laddies!  Come down to the heart of a Starship, and you’ll get fit for sure!”

Warp Core Fitness

Starfleet professional crews are more than accustomed to the most advanced forms of physical fitness while they serve out their tour of duty.  However, sometimes, the most unsuspecting places and people can offer some of the most satisfying rewards.

Chief Engineer Scott claims that his famous, intergalactic inspired Warp Core fitness schedule will put any other exercise program to shame.  Vulcan, Human, Klingon or Romulan, Mister Scott will coach you to new levels of physical prowess.

Starship StairMaster

A Starship’s engineering deck operates as the heart and power center of Starfleet’s vast fleet of space faring vessels.  If there’s anyone out there on the front lines of space exploration who knows the ins and outs of staying fit and in tip top shape, it’s Montgomery Scott.

Warp Core Fit
Warp Core Fit

What’s the deal, Scotty – are you looking for additional engineering assistants?

“Aye, that I could use for certain, lad, but I’m talking fit to the level of a Klingon slaying Romulans during on an Iron Man competition.  Cross fit?  You won’t know what hit ya with my workout routine. Ever try to navigate through a Jeffrey’s Tube with a crock of plasma spanners?  Can you juggle a Tricorder and fire up a laser drill while keeping away from the live plasma feeds?  Get yer lazy butt in gear and come down to Engineering for a few hours.  Warp Core fit is all you’ll ever need!”