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Lord Of The Rings: Elvis Is Elvish

Elvis Is Elvish

Elvis Is Elvish

Lord Of The Rings, the J.R.R. Tolkien penned epic fantasy adventure series, features many fascinating racial groups.  We meet races of crafty Men, Halfling Hobbits, industrious Dwarfs, evil Orcs, enigmatic Wizards, and of course, mysterious Elves.  It’s a cornucopia of diversity.  But where’s Elvis?

How about American musicians, or more precisely, the iconic King of Rock N Roll?  He’s missing? No worries, a new film promises to change all that. Elvis Presley now journeys forth to fabled Middle Earth, and the simple fact is: Elvis sings Elvish.

Evidently, Elvis has left the building, and he’s now riding high on an eagle to Middle Earth.

Blue Suede Shoes Fit For An Elf

Laugh Trek caught up with one of the cinematic project’s excited executive producers to chat about the genesis of this unique musical journey.

Elvis, a devoted devotee of Elf culture?  What’s the backstory, my jolly Gandalf the Gray?

Elvis Is Elvish
Elvish King?

“Our movie educates a music loving public.  It’s a little known fact that rock icon Elvis Presley spoke and wrote fluent Elvish.  He was a keen scholar of the ancient tongues of Middle Earth, but his favorite one of them all to study and speak was the mother tongue of brave Legolas and the powerful Elrond.”

One Elvish Singer To Rule Them All?

Why bother listening to Elvis singing Elvish, anyway – what’s the big deal?

“If you love Elvish culture, and if you are a big rock n roll fan, you’re in for one singular ear candy treat.  Yes, it sounds like a big whopper, like Gollum lying his stinky ass off, but we promise something special. You have never properly experienced classic Elvis songs until you hear him sing in ancient Elvish.”, whispered the flowing robed executive in a breathy tone reminiscent of the Elf Witch herself, the ever radiant Galadriel.

Elvis In Elvish, a new musical chapter of Lord Of The Rings, promises thrills for devoted LOTR fans.  With six live action feature films, various televised cartoons and a new TV show brewing, J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy knows little boundaries.  There’s more musical, fantasy fun on the way, as the Icelandic pop princess herself, Bjork, joins the fun, with Bjork Sings Orc, also in development.