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‘Bird Box’ Fans Get Ready For ‘Nerd Box’

Nerd Box

Nerd Box

Bird Box fans, prepare for another mind numbing cinematic shock fest.  Get ready to start thinking outside your ever frightful box. Here comes a spin-off spun from your fondest dreams or most bizarre nightmares.  Movie producers promise that their apt titled spin-off, Nerd Box, will fully rock, sock and box in your confining world – but in a really good way.

Birds and Nerds in a Box

Birds!  Nerds! Words!  O my! Why, oh why would nerds be collected up in a box?

“Our now trademark fright fest which focuses on being ‘blind’ for a reason, now translates for being a nerd for even a better reason.  Nerd Box completely changes your idea of what it means to be a nerdy nerd. You may even say that Nerd Box is poised to become our Revenge of the Nerds for a new generation.”

Not Blind, Simply Nerdy?

So, then, no blindfolds, no not seeing any horrific monsters?  Are nerds so sheltered from the world?

Nerd Box
Nerd Box

“Some could say that being a nerd is being blindfolded metaphorically.  A nerd wears a sturdy blindfold to the crippling ignorance of not knowing.  Nerds usually know more than most and need to absorb information more than the common person.  So, our movie nerds are blindfolded to the monsters of ignorance.”

Bird Box entertains as the mega movie shaking up Netflix streaming fans.  Starring Sandra Bullock, the frightful film has set new records for streaming viewing.  Nerd Box promises to continue the groundbreaking tradition, and producers say they are considering producing the scary sequels Word Box, Herd Box and the always stomach upsetting Gerd Box.