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Chinese Probe Finds Darth Vader & Pink Floyd On Dark Side Of The Moon

Darkside Duo

Darkside Duo

Darth Vader and iconic rock group Pink Floyd both share an irresistible power for the magnetic Darkside.  The former ruthlessly wields it, the latter visits it.  It’s no wonder when a Chinese lunar probe set down to explore the moon’s far or the dark side, it promptly encountered the galaxy’s infamous Lord of the Sith along with a few rollicking British classic rockers.

Use The Power Of The Darkside!  I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the moon!

Delicious Darkside Duo

Chinese space officials still reel off kilter, as they recover from the mammoth shock.  The space exploring agency has been left completely gobsmacked, “We knew we’d be finding and cataloging unusual and remarkable phenomenon.  But who could have predicted stumbling upon the melodic Pink Floyd and Lord Darth Vader, cruel ruler of the Empire? As inquisitive scientists, we’re sincerely jazzed, but honestly, we’re also slightly or even overwhemingly disturbed by this revelation”

How did it all go down?  Were there any juicy fireworks to savor?

“With his characteristic flair for melodramatic stakes and infinitely soapy operatic ramblings, Lord Vader cursed our probe and attempted a few force blows with his gloved gauntlet.  As for Pink Floyd, they incessantly sang the phrase, ‘I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon!’, which in short order became mind numbing to us in its glorious, though repetitive rhythm.”

Darkside Duo
Darkside Duo

The intrepid Chinese space explorers remain still quite eager for future trips to the lunar surface.  Naturally, they expect more of these merry moon high-jinks to continue. “We fully expect to encounter the legendary Frank Sinatra, as he croons, ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ and also Perry Como warbling, ‘Moon River’ – these celebrated moon sightings are now expected by our delighted team.  They are even somewhat welcome. What choice do we have?  After all, they did manage to get to the moon way before us.”