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‘Holmes & Watson’ Producers – ‘We hoped to make a bad film’

Bad On Purpose?

Bad On Purpose

Holmes & Watson set the Hollywood movie world completely aflame – but sadly, not in a good way.  Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s comic telling of the silly exploits of super detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson gets so little love on Rotten Tomatoes, it debuted on the movie rating site with a zero rating.  People literally throw rotten tomatoes in the production team’s direction. Theater audiences reportedly walk out of the film’s showing halfway through.  Now, however, the loathed movie’s producers claim it was their master plan all along.  Like some evil plan of Holmes’s villain, Moriarty, they seek to torture us.  Indeed, they intended all along to squeeze out a stinky hot mess.

No Shit, Sherlock

Can Holmes & Watson be so bad, it’s good?

“Good movies are good.  Great movies are even better.  Stinky movies, don’t smell as sweet, you say?  Hogwash!  Crumbug!  I say differently. In fact, we set out to make a ripping stink bomb of a movie.  We’ve succeeded brilliantly, no?” boasted a producer.

Color us shocked.  Say what, Holmes homes?  You guys intentionally crafted a malodorous turd and polished it up for our noses to savor?

Bad On Purpose?
Bad On Purpose?

“Just like a twisted plot of Moriarty or another sinister Sherlock villain, we want to manipulate, torture and stink up your movie viewing experience.  Hell, anyone can make a great movie. It’s done all the time.  We took a page out of Ed Wood’s movie making or say Michael Bay’s crappy style. We’ve produced an atom bomb of a fart flick.  And for all fans of the bad or entirely unwatchable film, no problem, you’re quite welcome!”

Classic Cult Flick or Turd Bird?

Hollywood boasts a laundry list of films which when first released weren’t met with great fanfare.  Beloved classics such as It’s A Wonderful Life and The Rocky Horror Picture Show basically bombed on first release. Only time will tell just how well we will eventually respond to Holmes & Watson over time.  When the intended stink fest farts out on home video DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and the rest, perhaps bad movie fans may embrace this intentionally nose destroying bomb.