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‘Spock Around The Clock’ New Years Special

Spock Around The Clock

Spock Around The Clock

Spock can rock around the clock?  Wait, what’s that shocked expression I see.  You have genuine doubts?  No worries.  He’ll prove it come this New Year’s Eve.  The rocking Vulcan science officer from Jim Kirk’s starship Enterprise will get his party on and more during a fabulous year end bash.  Live Long and Prosper, will undoubtedly become Loud Long and Party!

Spock Rocks Around The Clock

“Considering I will act as your holiday show host and also the central entertainment presence, I find it somewhat peculiar, although highly logical, that the program be entitled Spock Around The Clock.  Though, I must issue a fair warning.  Allow me to be perfectly clear, there shall be no unusual nor unscheduled out of sync temporal activity commencing during our televised broadcast.  Again, I shall emphasize this fact.  No time travel will happen during our holiday themed show.”

Drats!  No warping around the sun and going into time warp?  Say it isn’t so, Mister Vulcan!

“I say it is not so, because it is not so.  Why are you humans so preoccupied with time travel?  On Vulcan, our scientists dismissed the very notion of travelling through time.  That it was ultimately proven possible isn’t distracting to my people.  And the risks of altering events which will change or even destroy the base timeline is such a risk, it can only be attempted in an absolute necessity.”

Spock Around The Clock
Spock Around The Clock

OK, we get it – no time travel.  We’re crushed.  What about the musical numbers?  The comedy?  We need the all consuming info, Spock.

“I shall be engaging in several musical numbers – solo and accompanied by Lt. Uhura as a lead vocalist.  Chief Engineer Scott will be treating us to some Scottish music – bagpipes, I believe they are so named.  Mister Chekhov will be performing a few Russian folk songs.  Captain Kirk has requested to sing, however, I am still considering such a performance for a variety of reasons.”