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Bill Maher To Play Stan Lee In Marvel Biopic

Bill Plays Stan

Bill Plays Stan

Stan Lee played by acerbic insult comedian Bill Maher in a feature film biography?  Listen closely to the insane uproar.  Our geek world boils and is set aflame!  Are comic book and superhero true believers shouting Exelsior?  

Wait a second – Bill ‘Comic Book Hater’ Maher playing Marvel Comics beloved founding father?  It sounds like a bizarre, even ridiculous casting choice, but cable TV’s HBO Real Time With Bill Maher host isn’t joking around about playing the revered comic book legend.

Bill Maher Plays Stan Lee

“With great power comes great responsibility.  And now look at silly old me.  Maybe I did screw up.  I’m responsible for playing this friggin guy who helped create all these dumb comic books.  But then, I thought about it for a long minute, I thought kind of thoughtfully – you know, thoughtful even for me – and I figured, What the hell?  I gotta be the perfect guy to bring ole Stan Lee back to life on the silver screen.

Bill Plays Stan
Bill Plays Stan

Maher continued on in his slightly annoying tone, “So, gimme my salary.  Pay me a big, fat check. Remember though that I can’t really act worth a rat’s fat ass.  Sit back and enjoy! All you jerky dummies who love those damn comic books, get used to the new reality.  If Trump can be president, I can be Stan. I am gonna be the new Stan Lee, bitches!”

On Maher’s questionable casting as Lee, Marvel executives quipped, “We figure the best offense is a good defense – or something like that, whatever.  Hey, Bill works dirt cheap. He boasts a huge audience. Now he’ll be a bit more contrite since his image is forever linked to comics and Stan Lee. Might as well sleep with the enemy.  We can live with a little bitter Hobbit fleshing out our founding father. Bill Maher plays Stan Lee. We just hope he leaves most of his withering sarcasm at home.  Wait a minute now, if he does leave his sarcastic, insubstantial, easy insult humor at home, there will be nothing left of him.”