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Star Trek Produces Kanye West TV Series

Khan Yay

Khan Yay

Kanye West, headed for space!?  Live Long and Rap?  In space, can anyone hear an iconic rapper rap?  The infinitely unpredictable performer will soon be going where no one has gone before.  CBS and Star Trek can’t resist a little merging marketing by utilizing West’s global brand rapper to headline a new shiny, star fueled TV show.  

Listen closely.  You can hear Kirk scream, Khaaaaaaaan Yaaaay!

Trekkers will instantly recognize the sci-fi synchronicity of this creative pairing.  Working show title: Khan Yay.  One thing should be crystal clear, even at this early, embryonic developmental stage; Intrepid Starfleet crews and the wild, wacky aliens who both love em and hate em, shall never ever be quite the same.

Kanye Meets Space Cousin Khan Yay

Laugh Trek caught a few choice quotes on the early development of the television series.

“When Kanye West expressed to us his deep love and respectful admiration for sci-fi in general, and for Star Trek in particular, we were overjoyed.  Yes, we’re still churning out shows about good old Jean-Luc Picard and a young, merciless Khan.  What of a young, outspoken rapper?  How’s about a young, alien or super powered entity or something truly creepy – honestly, we’re not entirely sure – but he’ll be our one and only Khan Yay.  He’ll be outrageous and oh so chaotic!  He shall simply be glorious!”

Questions abound.  What will Khan Yay be?  Will his adventures be set in a classic prime or Kelvin universe?  What timeline/era will his exploits be set in?  Will wife Kim Kardashian make a sexy appearance as a Cardassian?  Star Trek creates fascinating fare, and this science fiction show or showcase promises to be no different.  It appears the Khaaan Yaaay adventure is only just beginning!