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‘Lost In Space’ spins off ‘Lust In Space’

The Lusty In Space

Lust In Space

Lost In Space careening off into a new cosmic sexy sector?  That’s the titillating promise LIS producers make for their new sci-fi spin-off.  The Robinson family may not come along on such a graphic, sexually mature rough ride, but space born romance blossoms nonetheless.

‘Lust In The Dust’ meets ‘Lust In Space’

“These space aces, these insanely intrepid astronauts won’t simply be lost in space.  They’ll be taken over by lusty feelings. We all know what happens when mega lusty among us pilot spaceships, now don’t we?  Hello, Han Solo! Steel and prepare yourselves, people. You’re in for a real fleshy treat.”

The Lusty In Space

Danger, Will Robinson, danger!?  What does this mean for our familiar space explorers?

“Our gentle, wholesome Robinson family encounter a band of super lusty aliens.  They’ll heartily bless their lust filled journey, but won’t take part in all the R rated fun.  High Tech Toys, naturally, will play a big helping hand.  Our new robot will be a helpful assistant for sure.  That’s all I can say. It will be helpful in the enormous cockpit, the galley and the bedroom.  Helpful in all pleasurable ways.  Get it? Got it?  Goodie gumdrops good!”

Gumdrops!?  Oh the pain, the pain!  Will this be merely a boffo sex crazed and hormone drenched thrill ride?

“Such an analysis really all depends on what you mean by a thrill ride.  Lost In Space chronicles the adventures of family Robinson desperately trekking home.  Our new streaming hot show, Lust In Space, documents the adventures of a bunch of horny aliens going full blast on a joy ride!  Emphasis on lovey joy, baby!  Horny?  Yep! But never corny!”