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CBS Launches Dr. McCoy’s ‘Game Of Bones’

Wanna play his 'Game of Bones'?

Wanna play his 'Game of Bones'?

Bones, can we all play your new trendy healthcare game?  That’s the nifty catchphrase Star Trek fans will soon be saying.  Forget about Live Long & Prosper – how about Live Long By Listening To Bones!  CBS launches a new Trek spin-off show, and the Starfleet medical world of the future will never ever be quite the same.

Space Ace ‘Bone Play’ Is Coming

“Bones is loved by so many of our loyal Trekkers.  He’s the kind of character which screams spin-off.  We have a Picard show coming.  Khan, that lovable psycho will soon be thrilling fans with his sneaky, but genius villainy.  Why not Doc McCoy?  TV fans love medical shows.  Look at St. Elsewhere, E.R., Gray’s Anatomy, etc.  Folk love to see sickos get well, don’t they?  Here comes the exotic inner workings of Dr. McCoy’s sickbay, and trust me, you’ll love him playing with your bones.”

Game of Bones
His Game Is Coming….

Who can we expect to join in on the healthy fun?

“Spock and Bones are always a dynamic duo.  I’d love to see a whole episode arc on McCoy having to take charge of his surly Vulcan’s health because of some exotic Vulcan based illness.  Maybe Pon Farr goes wacky somehow and Spock has to seek out McCoy for a little, shall we say romantic advice?”