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CBS All Access Launches ‘Star Shrek’

Star Shrek

Star Shrek

Shrek on a Trek?  CBS All Access goes back yet again to the dependable Star Trek franchise for a new show.  This time, however, the big green guy isn’t going to be a Vulcan – well, not as you normally know one.  He’ll be a bad tempered ogre.  Brace yourself for a sparkling cosmic romp for the ages and beyond. Here comes Star Shrek.

Star Trek Meets Star Shrek   

“We’ve produced shows about a ship named Discovery.  Our producers struggle now to bring back Jean-Luc Picard, starring Patrick Stewart himself.  Khan, that bad boy born of a certain space seed, returns in a big way soon. So, then – what’s left?  How else can we stretch our Trek franchise? How about sci-fi fantasy?  What if we give you a Star Trek mixed up with a fairy tale?   A Sci-Fairy Tale.  Star Shrek warps into the cosmos.”

Will all our favorites participate in this space race?

“Fiona.  Donkey. They’ll all be back to join the tons of fun we promise you’ll be in store for, when those fairy tale favorables join up together in Starfleet.  Imagine Donkey as a fix it guy – kind of like Scotty meets Geordi with a generous helping of Chief O’Brien.  Fiona runs a sickbay better than Dr. Crusher or Bones.  She’ll boast a better bedside manner.  And Shrek, well he roars better than Captain Kirk or Sisko.  He’ll give them a run for their money in the macho department.”

Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry in 1966, has seen feature film adaptations, a myriad of television spin-off incarnations, and even was broadcast as a cartoon.  Now, with the coming of Star Shrek, Roddenberry’s sci-fi starship of the warped imagination claims a truly mythic status.