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Game Of Thrones spins off ‘Game Of Groans’

Game of Groans

Game Of Groans

Game Of Thrones fans, rejoice.  Your beloved fantasy romp will soon be earning its fair share of audible groans.  Oh, no!  Quality dipping? Nope, something far more exciting.  The smash HBO show can only go for much more, and a definitive Game Of Groans waits in the wings, ready and set to take up its sizable mantle.

Thrones Begets Groans

We at Laugh Trek admire those throne drones, and so we asked the producers what’s the deal with the groans?

“Operating on our imaginary Game Of Thrones playing field means navigating a prickly set of variables.  But what’s the endgame? Sure, shuffling around thrones is fun time for sure, but how about hearing the gasping exhalations of the beaten and defeated?  This will be a Game Of Groans!”

Game of Groans
Game Of Groans

And so the fans will be hearing groans from all over the rich tapestry woven in the original GOT?

“Yes, and no.  As you well know, most everyone of any worth or not dies in GOT.  We dearly love killing off the lot of them!  So, unless we whip up some pretty nifty necromancer magic, you won’t be hearing groans from any familiar characters.  But never say never!”

Is it too early to predict where this one will go?  Any insight into yet another future spin-off series?

“We’re looking at Game Of Moans, Game of Bones, and of course, our current favorite, Game of Drones.  We may have to up the date and get a little sci-fi with the last one, but I think our staff is up for the challenging journey.”