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Aquaman Opens Up Justice League Sushi

Sushi Superheroes

Sushi Superheroes

Justice League.  And you think of what exactly? Noble protectors? Insane combat? What about an outlet for Earth saving, crime fighting or savory sushi slinging?  If Aquaman has his watery way, the new trendy restaurant will cater to many of his burning passions.

We caught up with the main man of the seven seas to see just what prompted him to start serving up sushi Justice League.

LT: What’s so different or unique about Justice League Sushi – aside from the already famous brand name?

AM: Trust me – my people know fish. You’ve never had anything even close to JLS.

LT: Care to divulge any of your secrets?

AM: Fresh. Gotta be seafood fresh.

Sushi Superheroes
Sushi Superheroes

LT: Some may be a bit, let’s just say, put off by a guy who lives in the ocean encouraging people to eat the residents of said ocean – how do you respond?

AM: Vegetarians – is that what you’re getting at?  Or just plain old run of the mill hippies?

LT: I don’t know even what to call them these days.  Hipsters, maybe?

AM: Yeah. Right. Eh, screw em. They don’t wanna eat my sushi, let em go eat seaweed – which, by the way, we have as a nice side dish smothered with spicy dressing.

LT: Sounds truly delish. Out of the actual Justice League roster – who’s your best, loyal customer?

AM: Flash. Hell yeah.  The guy’s a bottomless pit.  He could eat a trawler full of tuna and still have room for another trawler full of shrimp. Crazy metabolism – where the hell does he put it?