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Amazon Launches ‘Seek A Geek’ Drone

Seek A Geek

Seek A Geek

Amazon does it yet again.  No surprise there, the high tech company is always on the cutting edge of the new frontier.  A new Kindle?  A new trendy way to shop?  Nope.  Get ready, folks.  They are going to help you seek out your geek.  We all know how drone happy the largest online retailer in the world is, and now, Amazon is going full on geek. 

To Seek A Geek Ain’t Greek

Laugh Trek wanted to know:  What’s the deal with a drone for geeks?  “We feel that finding people should be easy.  Finding a geek should be even easier.  To seek a geek should not be Greek.’ said Amazon’s R&D guy.  

LT: Thanks for telling us about the new drone program.  It’s so exciting.

R&D: We’ve been working on it for years.  As super duper Amazon geeks ourselves, we definitely have an in house need to locate geeks as easy and as quickly as possible.

LT:  Of course!  So what’s the actual process?  How does the drone do this magic geek seek?

R&D: Well, as in all of our nifty gadgets, we have proprietary tech to worry about divulging, but let’s just say that geeks have tell tale signs.  Our drones have been carefully programmed to track them down.  

LT:  So it’s Run Geek, but you can’t hide from this Seek!

R&D:  Exactly!  You may evade our drone system for awhile, but we’ll seek you out ultimately!

Seek A Geek
Seek A Geek

LT:  It’s well known that your boss, Jeff Bezos is a big geek.  He loves Star Trek.  He even appeared as an alien in a Trek film, Star Trek Beyond.  Will the drones go after him?

R&D: Needless to say, he has an absolute override on the drones.  Being the big boss certainly hath its privileges.