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‘The Cake Maker’ Is Coming To Netflix

Cake Maker

Cake Maker

Bake a cake or make a cake?  That’s a really important question – to anyone who bakes or makes the sweet treats.  No real difference?  Think again, as Laugh Trek picks the expert brain of a real cake maker.

Bake Or Make A Cake?

We caught up with baker Todd Baldwin to educate us all on just how careful one must be when whipping up sweet tooth attractive confections.

LT:  Thanks for the sit down.  It’s long overdue.

TB: I’d say so – creating baked goods is some serious business.

LT:  Indeed.  So, let’s get right to the core of the equation.  Bake or Make?  What’s the difference – if any?

TB:  There is!  Baking is, well, just that baking – it’s the heating and cooking process.  It may mostly end there, but it sure as heck doesn’t start there!

Cake Maker
Cake Maker Goodness

LT:  Right.  So you’re saying planning that cake itself – gathering the ingredients, essentially the blueprint so to speak, the prepping, that whole process is the basic make of the cake?

TB: Exactly!  Say we want a yummy carrot cake.  We need to get the carrots – we need to chop them up – we need to grate them – etc.  We need to measure them up.  This is all the ‘make’ – not the bake!

LT:  What’s the Netflix show going to be like?  Any previews?

TB: I can’t say much, for now, but this will be a show where the make of the cake won’t be fake!

LT: (laughing)  I love it already.

TB: Those on the take may bake a fake cake, but my style is to make the cake!

LT:  This is eye opening, indeed.  What’s your advice for all those other aspiring Cake Makers out there?

TB: Keep at it!  Nothing improves without practice, practice and more practice.  And the best part of making a cake is the practice of eating it!