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Aquaman, Meet a New Wet Hero – Waterguy



Aquaman swims with the fishes.  He also talks to the fishes.  Some even say he parties hearty with the fishes, but that’s a story for another time.  Now, however, he’s getting a little damp competition from a new wet hero in town – Waterguy.

Aquaman Is Waterguy

“We wanted a hero to be noble.  Our developers also wanted a wet hero.  Let’s say we wanted a guy who was all wet.  Now, after much thought, we have him – Waterguy!”

This was the opening statement of Waterguy’s creators, after we questioned them to what the hell was going on with their character.  Here is our chat with Waterguy’s creators.

LT:  Appreciate the sit down chat.  Waterguy?  Really?

WGC: Sure.  Why not.  He’s all wet.  Isn’t that also what’s up with Aquaman?

LT: He’s a complex DC Comics character, an icon.  He’s the all mighty ruler of the Earth’s oceans.  He’s royalty.

WGC:  Yeah.  He’s a watery dude.  The dude is always damp.  Our Waterguy is even more wet.

LT:  OK….. This is getting kinda weird.  Let’s get to the name – why not.  Did that come easily to you guy?


WGC:  We were going to go with Waterdude or Waterman.  Wetguy and Wetman were also on the table.  Right up to the end, we were going to name him Dampdude.

LT:  Fascinating.  And his power is similar to Aquaman’s? 

WGC:  Kinda sorta.  He doesn’t talk to fish like Aquaman.  He talks to the water.

LT:  Waterguy chats with – water?

WGC:  Isn’t that too cool?

LT: (whispers WTF)  Wow.  OK.  Thanks for the chat, it was liquid for sure.