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Fortnite spins off new title Fortday



Fortnite addicted?  Your obsession will only grow larger.  Get ready to play something shedding a little bit more harsh light on the subject.  That epic video game will soon be headed screaming into the daylight. 

Die Another Fortday

We asked the video game producers with great buzz for a little perspective on this new title.  “Fortnite is a great name for a great game, however, we need to add a day to our roster.”

What can Fortnite fans expect of the new video game romp?

“It’s quite simple, really.  Players need to also operate in daylight.  They need to fight for the world during the day.  Did you ever hear the expression, ‘Die another night?’  Ever hear, ‘It’s a good night to die?’ or ‘Live to fight another night’?  Nope.  You haven’t.  So, our new game will simply focus on fighting the good fight during the day.”


Fortnite is always on the lookout for new and fantastic video adventures.  A few other titles considered for spin-offs are:  FortWinter, FortSpring, FortFriday, FortEquinox, FortHell, FortHeaven.  For the sci-fi focused fans, there may be a spin-off called FortGort.  Where’s Klattu when you need him?