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‘Spock Rock’ Star Trek Musical Coming To CBS All Access

Spock Rock

Spock Rock

Live Long and Prosper and Rock On!  That’s the energized mission statement of a new musical variety show coming to CBS All Access – the streaming platform which now hosts Star Trek: Discovery.  

Spock Will, Spock Will, Rock You

“I have been and shall always be… your rocker.  Live Long And Perform.” solemnly intoned the Vulcan science officer of USS Enterprise.  We caught up with Spock as he prepared to Rock.

LT: Thanks for getting your rock on, Spock!

S: It is only logical that I attempt an outreach for my new musical endeavor.

LT: Why a musical variety show?  Why rock?  Why CBS All Access?

S: I shall attempt to answer these prioritized queries in sequential order.  

Music is an important part of my life.  Rock music energizes my intellect.  CBS All Access is a uniquely designed streaming platform which reaches an organic and nurturing demographic audience.

Spock Will Rock You
Spock Will Rock You

LT: Who can we expect to see as your fellow rockers?

S: Lt. Uhura is an accomplished vocalist.  I look forward to her contribution to the production.  Captain Kirk, although he has his harsh musical critics, is something of a, shall we say, crooner.  IDIC is essential in any project, and so I shall allow my commanding officer great leeway in his vocal performance.

LT: Good luck with this, we’re so excited to see it happen!

S: I am bolstered by your ebullient praise.  I shall communicate it to my production team.  Appreciation for this interview.  Live Long, Prosper and Perform.