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Comic Book Guy Plots Downfall of Bill Maher

Comic Book Guy Vs Bill Maher

Comic Book Guy Vs Bill Maher

Worst HBO talk show ever!  That’s the succinct summary of Springfield’s very own Comic Book Guy.  The super sized Simpsons icon and all around nerdy geek simply can’t take any more of comic Bill Maher’s distaste for the classic literature he loves more than life itself.  Laugh Trek caught up with his jumbo roundness to discuss his passionate Maher Mission.

Worst Comic Book Super Villain Ever!

“He’d be the Worst Comic Book Super Villain Ever!  If anyone was dumb enough to actually make him into said villain!” bellowed Comic Book Guy, as we chatted at his ultra geeky shop – the Android’s Dungeon.

LT: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule, Comic Book Guy. 

CBG: My absolute pleasure, O jolly parody site.  This Mister Bill Maher must be stopped!  Verily!  His venomous vitriol is taking away my appetite.  And that’s no small feat, indeed!

LT: Well, we could never see you wasting away.  So, we don’t have to ask WHY you’re on this mission against Bill Maher, but what are you actually planning?

CBG:  The first rule of combat?  Don’t talk about combat!  O, no, wait a minute, that’s Fight Club, right?

LT: Right….  Are you going to launch a social media blitz against Maher?  Picket HBO studios?  What’s the plan, Stan?

CBG: Stan, indeed!  As in Mister Stan Lee!  My intensely thought out strategy will not be divulged at this time, however, rest assure it shall be epic, mythical and completely appropriate to the disrespect Mister Maher showed to that greatest of comic book visionaries, Stan Lee! 

Comic Book Guy's Lair
Comic Book Guy’s Lair

LT: What about friendly dialog to clear the air?  Would you ever consider going on to Bill Maher’s talk show – Real Time?

CBG: (laughing) Have you chosen to turn this interview into a parody, Laugh Trek?  Because that is the most ridiculous suggestion my dainty frame has ever had the pleasure to wiggle about in gales of unrestrained laughter!

LT: That’s a definite no?

CBG: (plugging up ears with fingers)  I cannot hear any more from the parody site known as Laugh Trek, because said site has taken leave of its good senses.  Moi, appear on such a clearly biased show?  O, you make this usually clear headed man a bewildered one for all time!

LT:  Thanks, Comic Book Guy – for, the, um, rare insight into your dilemma.

CBG:  Excelsior!  Excelsior!  If I say Stan’s catchphrase enough, perhaps it will expunge you from my presence!  Excelsior!  Excelsior!