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Chewbacca Launches A Snack – The Wookie Cookie

Wookie Cookie

Wookie Cookie

Chewbacca, are you trying to ruin our diet?  The big, shaggy guy isn’t pulling any punches with his new culinary venture.  The Wookie Cookie has launched, and foodies everywhere are salivating at the delicious baked snack.

Wookie Cookie – No Nookie?

Chewbacca’s spokesperson crowed about the Wookie’s boffo bakery expertise.  “Chewie has been an excellent baker for years.  He’s always tempting Han Solo or Lando with sweet treats.  Chewbacca even tried to get the droids to eat stuff, but they just stared at him.  Now, he’s going to share his crafty kitchen kraft with the entire galaxy!” 

Are cookies really how a responsible galactic adventurer like Chewbacca should be snacking?

“A Wookie Cookie is tasty and nutritious.  It’s all about the natural, though highly guarded yummy ingredients!”

Wookie Cookie
Wookie Cookie

And what of space ace Chewbacca’s other ambitious projects?  What of his famed Wookie Nookie TV show?

“We think Wookie Cookie should fit in nicely with Wookie Nookie.  Eventually, our Wookie Cookie Nookie will be available for a special romantic evening – perfect for that beloved hairy partner in your life!”